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It's been a long time since the Sighthounds opened its doors in my life ...

Everything started in 2001, in Spain, when with my family we engaged us in an association of greyhound in distress and let us share, among other things, foster families. We have seen a lot of them being destroyed, without soul, that a short time later they left with a hope drawn in their eyes. It was a challenging but wonderful experience that will follow me forever.

Later, in 2005, with my family, one acquires Vourzig, an azawakh from the breeding N'agzir. Who behind an iron look hides a very soft dog with a very tender heart and an innate smile.

It is finally in 2006 and always accompanied by my family, that I discover the Little Italian Greyhound, lor sque Claret, from the Albarrufat breeding, arrives home. It will be called Nadir and I will be very attached to it. It will make me discover moments of sharing, complicity, anxiety, fear, but above all of unconditional and undefinable love.

But it was not until a few years later, in 2013, when he settled in Switzerland, that with Cyril, we decided to acquire Infinie, our first PLI, from the breeding of the Domaine de Peyrazet. Exceptional of an absolute love. She will make us discover the world of beauty exhibitions for our great pleasure.

A few months later we acquire Agusta, from the Salkin-Aidan breeding, which will be called Mirage and which will make us take as much pleasure as the exhibitions of beauty that in the world of the racing and the courseing, in honor to his father , Champion of PVL in France.

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